Carmelita Samo Bradford

Date Posted: October 17, 2012
Hi! I'm Millet. I am a Filipina married to a British husband. I have been a member of Ringside for exactly one year, coming here for both boxing and gym approximately three times per week for about two hours each session.

I like Ringside because the people are friendly and the trainers in both boxing and gym are knowledgeable, professional and supportive. Of course, to make the most of this support I have not only attend regularly but also to work as hard as I can at the boxing, strengthening and agility exercises that the trainers put me through.

Although I am already age 50, I feel thoroughly energized and very strong and active as a result of the support of Ringside. This strength and energy makes me feel not only invigorated, but also very confident in myself. I think that you will see this on my face and my actions, which I do not feel you will think are the face and action of somebody of my age.

Thank you Ringside!!!

Carmelita Samo Bradford