Jay-ar Ysip

Date Posted: October 17, 2012
Discipline + Determination + Boxing = Achieved Goal

Last 2009, I was 263 lbs. I wore a size 44 pants and an extra-extra large jacket to cover my big belly.  I did  not know how to stop my unhealthy lifestyle. I hated my body and worse yet, I hated myself. I realized being like this was miserable.

Then I enrolled for a month at Ringside, and I lost 15 lbs. I however stopped  for 2 years and just jogged and did other work outs. After the 2 years, I still felt chubby and wanted to lose more.I decide to comeback at Ringside last August 2011. After a month of knocking my fats out, I lose another 15 lbs.  I was LOSING WEIGHT FAST, which I believe only RINGSIDE could give.

I am now 185 lbs and still shaping up. Thanks to RINGSIDE. RINGSIDE has become a huge part of my life. Make it part of yours!

Jay-ar Ysip