Double Burn

With Double Burn you burn 50% more calories than normal gym activities!

RIngside Fitness' Double Burn program is designed and proven to help you get sexy and strong fast! Need proof? Take a look at what our clients have to say! 

50% more calories burned means you not only look great, but feel great as well. 50% more calories burned means you have more energy, strength, endurance and flexibility, and confidence.

With Ringside Fitness's certified trainers to support and motivate you, Double Burn is
 comprised of scientifically designed weight loss and strengthening programs which include boxing, functional strengthening and weight training under a normal atmosphere.

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Program Details

  • Membership Programs: Annual, semi-annual, Quarterly and Monthly
  • Schedules:  Weekdays (6am -10pm), Saturdays (6am - 7pm), Sundays (6am - 3pm)
  • Inclusions: Unlimited boxing, strengthing, conditioning and gym equipment (kettle bells, therabands, medicine balls, weights, etc.)
  • Result: Up to 1,000 Calories per session
  • For inquiries, call (632) 842-74-01/842-72-94