Weight Loss

Date Posted: June 12, 2014

Weight Loss for Health Improvement

Weight-loss is a method of cutting down weight. It is usually achieved by moderate to rigorous exercises, reducing food intake to healthy amounts, and correcting faulty eating habits. Weight increase is usually gained through imbalanced food intake, due to excessive energy input in contrast to the body's energy expenditure.

With the increase of different illnesses, particularly life threatening ones, many people are changing their lifestyle and looking into different weight loss methods. Weight loss methods such as slimming teas, invasive and non-invasive surgical procedures, engagement with sports and different physical activities are becoming popular. However, weight loss experts are now being cautious on some weight loss techniques that are sprouting nowadays.

Fad diets, kinds of diets that promise instant results are now one of the most sought-after means of weight loss. These diets are usually not balanced and unsustainable due to the hasty cutting down of certain nutrients that are perceived to be the culprit to weight gain. Others indulge in slimming teas that boasts rapid weight loss due to its laxative effect. It is much better to enjoy your food in simple, safe, and healthy ways. Eating must not be a knuckle bleeding and tormenting array of restriction since this will even slow down metabolism even more, making weight loss and achievement of good fitness stature more complicated. Because of this, consumers of these products will experience hasty bowel movement, making their digestive systems do a lesser job in absorbing much needed energy yielding nutrients. Also, significant number of reports of dehydration is recorded.

Weight loss experts, specifically dietitians, do not entirely recommend these methods unless certain medical conditions are requiring, such as morbid obesity that needs fast intervention. Healthy and natural means such as proper diet and exercise are still being thoroughly promoted because weight loss, as per experts, should not entail side-effects that are detrimental to one's health in the long run.

Boxing aids weight loss

Fitness centers, such as Ringside Fitness in Alabang, Philippines, utilize safe methods to achieve weight loss. The fitness center also employs different methods such as wellness coaching, strengthening( for toning when a person already achieved his desirable body weight), and passive exercises such as proslim, celluslim, and slimwrap as adjuncts and supplementation to the workout to achieve result in much faster and safer pace. Boxing is the main component they use which is recorded to burn 50% more calories than other usual gym activities. It has an apparent result since boxers tend to burn a lot which reflects to their fast weight loss, which they usually require before their weigh-in. Many gyms in North America also utilize the sport as their method to achieve weight loss because of its efficiency and fast result since boxing routines are considered as intense aerobic workout.

Weight loss to achieve ideal body weight is one of the most important factors that we should always consider. Furthermore, healthy means of weight loss must also be regarded for us to reach our goals with no perceived complications entailing. After all, health and fitness is what we after for in the end.