FITFAST Wellness Center by Ringside is coming to Makati!

Date Posted: December 29, 2011

FITFAST Wellness Center by Ringside is coming to Makati!  The center is close to 900 sqms and offers complete and effective programs and treatments to getting you Sexy and Strong FAST!  Burn up to 50% more calories compared regualr programs with:
• Fitness boxing combined with Plyometric and Circuit training (2 boxing rings and about dozen heavy bags),
• Strengthening (TRX, agility and functional training and weights)
• Lifestyle modification and nutritional counseling, and
• Inch loss machine treatments.

FITFAST facts:
• Boxing alone burns up to 1,000 calories in 1 hour, depending on gender and weight.
• Resistance workouts and weight lifting help burn fat much more rapidly. The combination of boxing and strengthening provides individuals with a complete and very effective fat burning and strength gaining workout.
• While physical activity is a vital part of weight control, so is controlling the number of calories you eat. If you consume more calories than you use, you will gain rather than lose weight. Members will undergo lifestyle and nutritional counseling.
• Passive treatments such as G5 and Celliutrim are complementary products to help members lose inches in specific areas or whole body.

Ask about our money back guarantee program for those seriously interested in achieving their weight loss goals

For more information, you may call:

MJ: 0926-504-2610
Jen: 0917-928-8021 or 0929-888-7835
Amy: 0932-843-6284 or 0906-448-8684
Karen: 0905-585-2367
Rhea: 0932-843-6285

Direct Sales Lines: 842-7401 or 842-7294